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About Us

The portal is unique web in the Czech republic and Slovakia, which is focused on supporting the art, especially painting and photograph. The web connects authors, galleries and sellers. In the portal you will find information about individual exhibitions, openings and auctions. You will also find a list of art schools, art institutions and a list of our partners on the portal.

The portal is not online shop. The basic idea was to support the art - authors, sellers and also support their free publicity. We do not want to transfer sale from galleries to online shop, but we want to support galleries, sellers and authors using the free promotion. The web portal works in three languages: Czech, Slovak and English.

What services offers?

All existing services on the portal are fully FREE. Register for free on page registration. The portal allows different forms of cooperation. Free register as: galleries, sallers, authors, organizer of events, art schools, institutions or you can be our partner.

  • Gallery
    Galleries have the opportunity to present their art works, make informations about an exhibition and also they will receive an entry in the list of galleries. The gallery presents its name, which is good for propagation to public and professional public.

  • Seller
    Sellers artworks may also present artwork, make informations about an exhibitions, make registration in a list of sellers. The seller presents himself.

  • Author
    The authors of works of art exhibit and present exclusively their works and they are not included on the list of sellers.

  • Organizer of events
    This registration method is suitable only for organizers of events such as exhibitions, openings and auctions.

  • Art school, an institution
    This registration is suitable for art schools or institutions, giving them the possibility of promotion on our website.


To which parts is the portal divided?

  • Promotion work List of galleries and sellers

  • Summary of exhibitions, openings and auctions

  • List of art schools and art institutions

  • Summary of our partners


The reason - Web portal

  1. Support the art

  2. Support authors, sellers, galleries. art schools and institutions

  3. Make informations about exhibitions, auctions, openings

  4. Support the uniqueness of the work


Basic advise (rules) about purchasing

  • At first, make a decision

  • do you want to buy an art wor for decoration or it is your investment Check every seller, you can also ask the judge advocate for verification

  • authenticity of art work



In the future you can look forward to new opportunities PREMIUM propagation (paid), highlight items and preference registration galleries, sellers, exhibitions, auctions, opening.


Jsme tu od toho, abychom Vám pomáhali

Všechny stávající uvedené služby na webu jsou ZDARMA, pod podmínkou, že se sami zaregistrujete – vytvoříte profil a vložíte jakákoliv díla. Pokud, ale nechcete marnit čas, registrací, vytvářením Vašeho profilu a administrací jednotlivých položek, tak Vám za jednorázový poplatek provedeme všechny úkoly.
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